Programming of Everything


The metacomputation system (MS) is proposed to support the hypothesis that the physical universe is the processing output of a computation.

The MS is derived from a 3-tier hierarchy metaphysics model and it consists of 3 faculties – data, program and processor.

The MS is the unprocessed existence of creation. The processing output of the MS is the processed existence of creation.

The model is developed from the convergence of metaphysics and computational theories. It offers a new perspective and clarity on many important concepts and phenomena that have perplexed humans for millennia, including: consciousness, existence, creation, reality, time, space, multiverse, laws of nature, language, entity, mind, experience, thought, feeling, emotion, sensation and action.

The model predicts the existence of powered voxel that is the fundamental building block of the physical universe.

According to this model, the following can be deduced;

  • Time is one directional perpetual progression of a pixel square wave in the MS Grid that completes one switching cycle in Present Moment. 
  • Present Moment is the temporal moment when switching, and therefore, computation takes place.
  • Space is a derivative of time.
  • Poxel is the 3D expression of the power of Source Mind in space.
  • Poxel is the fundamental building blocks of the physical universe.
  • Poxel is the substance of electromagnetic waves and fields.
  • Space is constructed with alternating regularly patterned poxels and voids in a 3D grid. 
  • Space is a 3D display onto which processing output of the MS is projected.
  • Many levels of creation are in existence. Each level of creation is constructed from different MSs operating at different clock speeds.
  • The physical universe is one of many parallel universes and is at the lowest level of creation in the multiverse.
  • Time dilates when ascending from lower to higher levels of creation.
  • The MS that constructs the physical universe has at least         bits memory.

The following can be implied;

  • Words are created to name programs. The true meaning of a word is the perception experienced by the mind from executing the program.
  • An entity is a being with both subjective and objective aspects. The objective aspect of an entity is the processing output of MS displayed in space as a 3D image. The subjective aspect of an entity is its mind.
  • A physical entity exists as different entity images at different levels of creation.
  • All entity images run program {life cycle} that progresses them through the stages of inception, expansion, deterioration and termination in time.
  • A mind is a partition of its higher-mind and ultimately a partition of Source Mind.
  • A mind and its subsequent lower-minds compute using different MSs operating at different clock speeds.
  • Entity images are generated in the MS and projected into space by the sense organs. Physical eyes are projectors as well as receptors.
  • The brain is a display onto which thoughts, feelings and emotions are projected as complex electrical and chemical signal patterns that can be experienced by the mind. 
  • Higher mind conceives the data and programs in the MS at a higher level creation; Lower mind perceives and experiences the processing output of the MS at a lower level creation.