Source Mind


The metacomputation system (MS) is derived from a 3-Tier hierarchy metaphysics model based on the following premise:

  • There exists Source Mind. Source Mind is the potential power to conceive, to perceive, and to be self-aware.

Source Mind is one aspect of Life. Other imaginable aspects of Life such as unconditional love, joy, beauty, benevolence, as well as its unimaginable aspects are beyond the scope of this model.

Using the following descriptive terms, we can get a sense of what Source Mind is not:

Timeless, non- spatial, dimensionless, infinite, boundless, non-dual, formless, no-thing, non-changeable, non-destructible, non-compréhensible, non- describable.

The content of Source Mind has a 3-tier hierarchy structure described as follows.

Unity Tier

The most fundamental creation that Source Mind conceives is Unity Screen represented in Figure 1. Unity Screen is created so that Source Mind can express itself in form; by projecting itself onto Unity Screen Source Mind makes itself perceivable.

Programming of Everything

Fig.1. Unity Screen that contains 1 pixel of the projected power of Source Mind

Fig.2. Division of Unity Screen into 4 cells of equal size.

Fig.3. Symbols A and B derived from dividing the pixel in Unity Screen. Each symbol contains 2 pixels and 2 voids in polar opposites.

Unity Screen of one pixel is then split up into two symbols: A and B, as illustrated in Figure 3.

Each of these symbols contains 2 pixels and 2 voids. 

void is a cell within Unity Screen that contains the potential power of Source Mind but is absent of the projected power of Source Mind.

Thus duality is conceived as the polar opposites of the potential and projected power of Source Mind.

Void represents potentiality whereas pixel represents actuality. 

Unity Screen is of the size of 1 unit. It contains 1 pixel of the projected power of Source Mind.

The nature of existence at unity tier can be described as: one, uniform, even, equal, neutral, stable, non-changing, constant, still, singular, total.

This level of Existence was referred to by ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides as “What-is”.  He taught that “What-is” is one, change is impossible, and existence is timeless, uniform, necessary, and unchanging. 

Duality Tier

At the duality tier, Unity Screen is divided into 4 cells of equal size as illustrated in Figure 2.