Relativity of Reality

Reality is what is perceived by the mind as objective existence independent of processing.

A human mind operating at the physical level creation can conceive a physical computation system. A human mind can also conceive a virtual world by programming a physical computer and perceives the processing output displayed on the screen.

Likewise, higher mind can conceive space and the physical world by programing a MS at a higher level creation.

From the perspective of the higher mind, the physical level existence is the processing output of the MS and therefore is a processed existence.

Physical object is projected into space as an output of the MS in the form of 3D poxel barcode in specific configurations and patterns. It can be said that poxels are the building blocks of matter in the physical universe.

From the perspective of the human mind, however, the perceived physical world is an objective existence.

The fact that the physical world is perceived by the human mind as physical reality instead of 3D poxel barcode is due to the availability of the abundant resources in the MS, including:

  • Large memory and processing capability.
  • Display being a 3D space with high resolution.
  • Programs that give physical properties to objects such as {Transparency}, {Solidity}, {Rigidity}, {Mass}, {Colour}, {Texture} etc.
  • Programs that govern the behaviours of physical objects and their interactions, such as {Laws of Nature}, {Gravity}, {Field}, {Force}, {Electromagnetism}, {Mechanics}, {Energy}, etc.
  • Complexity of the human brain that is capable of displaying a wide range of physical properties and concepts as complex electrical and chemical signal patterns.

When a human mind processes {Space}, a 3D grid with regularly arranged alternating poxels and voids are projected. Poxels are programed to be transparent so space appears to be empty.

When a human perceives an object in space, for example, an apple, the 3D poxel barcode dataset is scanned by the eyes to trigger the execution of program {Apple}. This produces a templet “Apple-ness” followed by adding more details and properties such as colour and texture in the brain. The 3D image of an apple is then projected into space by the human eyes. An apple EI in a specific location in space defined by the dataset is thus perceived by the human mind.

Programs such as {Mass} and {Gravity} ensure that the apple EI falls to the ground when it is detached from the tree branch. Programs such as {Solidity} and {Rigidity} ensure that the apple EI stays on top of the surface of the ground and doesn’t go through the earth EI.

Our higher minds program the physical world. Some of these programs give processing outputs expressed as mathematical laws, scientific theories, laws of nature, arts, technologies and industrial processes such as energy generation, product design, development, manufacturing and application. Programs that are robust, reliable, and repeatable are accepted as mainstream programs at certain period of time in human history.

In theory, mainstream programs can be interrupted or altered by the higher mind to cause phenomena that appear to violate and disrupt the physical laws of nature.  Nevertheless, at our physical level of existence, miracles and paranormal phenomena are rare, generally non-repeatable and un-controllable. They only occur in some special circumstances.



Programming of Everything