Mind is a partition of Source Mind. The partitioning is a processing output of MS achieved by running program {Individuality} or {I} or {Self}. This program produces a sense of ‘I’ or ‘self’, and identifies itself with an individual EI.

Mind is the subjective aspect of entity.

As a partition of Source Mind, mind shares the same qualities and traits as Source Mind. Metaphorically it can be likened to the fact that every droplet of water in the ocean has the same wetness as the ocean.

Therefore mind has the power and capability of conception, perception and self-awareness. Mind also has access to the three faculties of MS - data, program and processor.

As each individual EI is normally localised at a specific level of creation and specific space and time, mind has limited access to data, program and computing capability.

As one aspect of entity, each mind is further partitioned into many lower-minds at the subsequent level of creation.  Mind, and its subsequent lower-minds, computes using different MSs operating at different clock speeds. Each mind is also a partition of its higher-mind.

A human mind operating at the physical level conceives the virtual entities by programming a physical computer.  The virtual entities however cannot perceive the processing output displayed on the computer screen.

Likewise, the higher mind conceives the physical entities by programing a MS at a higher level creation. The human mind is however, unlike the virtual reality game entities, able to perceive the physical world displayed in 3D space as objective existence and thus able to experience an individual localised personal life. 

​Higher mind conceives the data and programs in the MS at a higher level creation; Lower mind perceives and experiences the processing output of the MS at a lower level creation.

Programming of Everything