Memory of MS


Theoretically Planck time is the smallest meaningful unit of time in the physical universe.

If we assume:

Width of the pixel = Planck time, 

Time span of perceivable creation

= Size of Unity Screen

= Life span of the physical universe

= (13.8 + 5) billion years,


It is possible that the physical universe is one of many creation events within Unity Screen, thus N could be significantly larger.

Practically, we can assume the clock speed of the MS that creates the physical universe is the maximum detectable frequency of electromagnetic waves in the physical universe.

According to this model, all phenomena, including electromagnetic waves, are a processing output of the MS. Therefore the frequency of the processing output cannot exceed the clock speed of the MS.   

In our physical universe, the highest measurable frequency of an electromagnetic wave is Gamma ray radiation that is at least          Hz.


Thus it can be concluded that the MS that constructed the physical universe operates with an N value of at least 119.

Programming of Everything