Programming of Everything

Human Mind

The human mind shares the same qualities and attributes of its higher mind and ultimately, that of Source Mind. It has the power and capability of conception, perception and self-awareness.

A human mind is associated with a human body including the brain. Our physical body is localised at the physical level and in specific physical space and time. This imposes limitations on our access to data and programs.

Each individual human mind perceives an individual world that is a processing output determined by its access to data and programs. On our planet there are approximately 7 billion worlds perceived by 7 billion human minds. 2 individual worlds can only be identical if the two individual human minds process the same data with the same programs.

The content of a human mind is the processing output of the MS displayed in space and in the body.

Space is used as a display onto which the EI’s visual output is projected.

The brain is used as a display onto which thoughts, feelings and emotions are projected.

The physical body is used as a display onto which bodily sensations and actions are projected.

The development of the human body including the brain is a process of upgrading the display so that it can display the output of MS from accessing increasing amounts of data and running an increasing number of programs with increasing complexity. This allows for the expansion of life experiences of the human mind.

At a particular moment during early stage of our lives, each human mind starts to access and run program {Time}. The moment this happens is the personalised PM for that human being. Contemporary human beings share the same PM.