Programming of Everything

Further research

The proposed MS model predicts that the fundamental building blocks of the physical universes is poxel. Experiments need to be carried out to verify its existence.

Further research is also needed to discover programs that compute not only EI’s geometric properties but also physical properties such as {Transparency}, {Solidity}, {Rigidity}, {Colour}, etc.

{Laws of nature} governing the behaviours of physical objects and their interactions, involving {Mass}, {Energy}, {Force}, {Gravity}, {Field},   {Electromagnetism}, {Mechanics}, {Heat}, etc, should be determined.

Other challenging tasks include the discovery of programs that can compute the full range of human experiences including thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and actions. 

Ultimately we will be able to rewrite every word and sentence in human languages with codes.

Metacomputics is the systematic study of the origin, fundamental structure, composition, nature, properties, dynamics and applications of the MS that constructs and operates the universes as its processing output.