Programming of Everything


The author would like to thank all those who have contributed to the development of computation theories and technologies that have provided conceptual tools for this work.

Many great minds and their thoughts also provided a rich source of inspiration for this work. These include:


  • Laozi’s ‘Dao gives birth to One, One gives birth to Two, Two give birth to Three, Three give birth to everything’;
  • Parmenides’s ‘The Unchanging One’;
  • Heraclitus’s ‘The succession of opposites as a base for change’, and ‘Permanent flux’;
  • Hegel’s ‘three-valued logical model’;
  • Plato’s ‘allegory of the cave’, ‘Realm of Forms’;
  • Pythagoras’s ‘number as essence of Universe’;
  • Kant’s ‘un-removable time-tinted and causation-tinted sunglasses’;
  • Locke’s ‘blank canvas mind’ and
  • Berkeley’s ‘to be is to be perceived’.